Speedblack™ GP Features


It is a simple concept but revolutionary , SpeedBlack™ GP is made full  in metal  wich highlight the main point to setup your steering wheel and pedals  anywhere you are driving. Pedals can be easily installed on the wide tray even having space to rest left foot when not using clutch.

Steering wheel and  Pedal configuration:

SpeedBlack™ GP can be configured in 4 different ways.

1. Forward and backward movement of the steering wheel tray.

2. Steering wheel height.

3. Angle and height of pedal tray.

4.Pedals tray distance.

Speedblack GP Especificaciones
speedblack GP_angulo _volante

With  SpeedBlack™ GP you will be able to set two different steering wheel  angles being very easy to switch between a GT or Kart position.


SpeedBlack™ GP  can reduce its dimensions to have your device always ready for… the next race!