Speedblack™ Pro Features


Its adjustment system is composed by five regulators:

-(1) Steering wheel horizontal movement forward and backward.

-(2) Height regulation both for steering wheel and for pedals.

-(3) Inclination adjustment of pedals, allowing an ergonomic
position for any driver.

-(4) Horizontal movement for gear shift.

-(5) Invert setup position for pedal set with 3 different angle.

Soporte Volante Speedblack™ PRO_features
Speedblack™ Pro / Inverted Pedals
Soporte Volante Speedblack™ PRO regulaciones

Now with SpeedBlack™ PRO it is posibleto to setup pedal set in 3 diffeerent angle on its inverted position. Depending on your seat height you will be able to fit at best driving position.

soporte volante Speedblack Pro apoyo tacon

Depending on the angle of the pedal board, you can configure the distance of the heel to make it more comfortable.

Speedblack™ Pro / Pedals
Speedblack Pro pedals regulaciones pedalera horizontal

SpeedBlack™ PROYou can adjust your pedal to 3 different angles in its conventional position.

Speedblack™ Pro / Shifter
soporte volante Speedblack Pro regulaciones cambio de marchas

En SpeedBlack™ PRO you can regulate the distance of your gear change with respect to the steering wheel. It can also be located on the left side.

Speedblack™ Pro / Measures
soporte volante Speedblack Pro medidas

SpeedBlack™ PRO you can reduce it and keep it under the desk table, be always  ready for the race!

Speedblack™ Pro / Compatibility

SpeedBlack™ PRO  can be used with :

Logitech* G25-G27-G29-G920-G923. (Pedal screw fixing , Included)

Steering wheel Thrustmaster* T300,T500,T248,TX,TGT,TS-PC,TS-XW  (steering wheel fixation by  screws , not included)

Shift gear compatible holder compatible with Logitech* Driving Force Shifter y TH8A de Thrustmaster*.

*All brands named are quoted merely for reference to product compatibility. They are registered trademarks and belong to their respective owners..